At the Law Offices of Mark E. Lewis & Associates, our sole focus is estate planning and implementation of those plans when needed.

We look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with our clients that sometimes spans decades … to be available to our clients when they need us most. 

We have 3 attorneys on our staff who are highly experienced and willing to help: Mark, Karen and Alex. In addition, we have wonderful staff members that act in specific roles to facilitate an experience that meets your needs as our client. From the first time you call in, Brandi or Robbie will get to know you and help you feel at ease, get you scheduled, and/or answer your questions. Liz will proof your documents or prepare court filings on your behalf, Melissa will prepare your new deed(s) and get them recorded, and Susan will keep an eye on everything to make sure the process runs smoothly. And of course, there is SO MUCH MORE behind the scenes. What we all have in common is our commitment to providing the best support and service to you as you plan for your future or settle an estate.



Our office has a relationship with several notaries who we trust to provide you excellent and accurate service. In addition, the rates we have negotiated with these notaries is similar to or often lower than you will find with an outside notary.

Using our recommended notary provides the following advantages:


Access to our offices and required additional witness arranged by the firm


Electronic copy of your trust will be made as a courtesy and provided directly to the firm for safekeeping, as reference for future updates, and for billing your legal plan insurance.


Deeds will be hand-delivered to the firm for recording


Our notaries are specially trained and familiar with our documents – thus able to answer basic questions (not including legal advice) and ensure correct signing procedure is followed

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Our office will contact you regarding available appointment dates and times.  Initial appointments with your attorney are scheduled over Zoom.
We look forward to working with you.