Keeping current

Once your plan has been created and completed, it must be maintained.  We recommend an estate plan review every five years to make sure your documents are up to date.   In addition, if there are changes in your personal situation, you should always contact your attorney to see if your plan should be revised. 


We recommend you to update your health care and financial powers of attorney every 5 years.


Have you sold, purchased, or refinanced real estate?  Your property deeds and estate plan need to be reviewed to make sure your property is correctly funded into your trust.  


Life is always changing!  Have any of the following happened in the last 5 years?

  • Birth (or death) of children;
  • Children aging to legal adults (or perhaps from adults to responsible adults);
  • Loss of any other loved ones who appear in your documents;
  • A change in your marital status or the marital status of your beneficiaries;
  • A change in any decision-makers, including guardians for your minor children;
  • A significant change in the value of your assets;
  • The launch of a new business venture.

If any of these significant elements of your life have changed, a revision, amendment, or even a complete restatement of your estate plan might be appropriate.  


If someone in your family has passed away, we handle probate and other post-death administration.  If necessary, we can also provide an excellent referral for litigation involving trusts and estates or also happy to provide you with a referral to a trusted CPA and/or financial advisor upon request.


When a client has an older estate plan, has a trust not created by an expert source, or has had significant life changes since the trust was created, we may recommend a detailed TRUST REVIEW.  Our attorney will carefully review your documents and create a comprehensive written review memo with recommendations for document updates, if needed.  Our review fee is applied to any subsequent work required.

Schedule a Consultation

Our office will contact you regarding available appointment dates and times.  Initial appointments with your attorney are scheduled over Zoom.
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